Imperial Pest Control has extensive experience controlling all types of mice infestations. The time that people usually struggle with mice infestations is at the beginning of fall, when mice infiltrate homes looking for food and warmth.

Our technicians also have plenty of professional experience controlling and preventing mice invasions in and around commercial properties like restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, food production plants, and more. In these places, food waste and garbage collection sometimes tend to build up and attract mice and other pests.

In food related commercial industries, we know how important it is to not have to rely on heavy applications of toxic pesticides which could affect the health of customers and employees. For this reason, whenever possible, we use indirect suppression measures, baits, traps and other techniques custom adapted to the needs of your company to remove offending pests from in and around your premises.

Although mice may seem less offensive than rats, they are still equally destructive, loaded with fleas, ticks, diseases, and highly prolific breeders.

Since mice are nocturnal - the first signs of a mouse infestation may be when you hear scratching or gnawing sounds coming from your walls, floors, attic or basement at night. They will often sleep away during the daytime. If you see a mouse running around during the daytime, this can be a sign that their numbers might be getting out of control, meaning you need to take action quickly before an infestation forms.


Mice can gain access to inside homes through even the smallest cracks. Gaps or cracks in walls are the main way mice get in. They can also get in through holes in the basement, air vents, drain pipes, garages, and more

With mice comes the risk of diseases, foul odors, and damage. Mice chew through anything they can get to, including wood, books, paper, cloth, and more. They can burrow into furniture or into insulation to create a nest, or even tear it apart. They chew through electrical wiring as well, which poses a fire hazard, and loss of electricity to a certain area of your home.

One way to get rid of mice is to use rat traps, where you load them with peanut butter or cheese to bait rats into taking the food. This method will usually quickly kill rats, as the strength of the snap will break their neck. Another way you could get rid of them is by leaving peppermint leaves or spreading peppermint oil around the house, as peppermint emits an odor that rats don’t like. You could also leave tons of moth balls all around the house. Leave these balls in areas where they like to hide, or entry points into the house, in order to help repel them.



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