At Imperial Pest Control, we understand how annoying and difficult it can be when rodents find their way into your commercial businesses or buildings. Rodents are well-known for how much expensive damage they can cause when they get into places that they aren’t supposed to be. Mice and rats live inside walls and under floor boards, and have a habit of chewing through electrical wires and any wooden structure they can get to. They also come out at night, raiding kitchens and other food-storage areas, leaving feces and droppings everywhere they go. Meanwhile, there are other rodents like squirrels that can get into attics or storage spaces and destroy goods.

Not only do these pesky creatures cause great damage – but they also contribute to the spread of bacteria and diseases. Rats and mice themselves harbour a lot of diseases. They get into food storage areas and contaminate food, and spread this bacteria through their feces or urine as well. This is one of the main reasons why businesses cannot have rodent or mice infestations in their buildings, as they have to comply with certain health and safety standards in order to keep their customers, clients, and employees safe.

Rodents and other wildlife creatures belong in the wild - not inside your buildings. Imperial Pest Control’s technicians strongly believe in humanely trapping animals and relocating them back into their natural habitat. We use many different methods to trap and remove rodents and other wildlife, all of which are very effective.

Once your property is rodent free, our technicians close off places they could re-enter, and carry out a damage inspection survey to highlight areas that need to be cleaned and repaired. We inspect your insulation, vapour barriers, and all other areas that your rodent visitor may have contaminated with nests, feces, food, or animal carcasses.

We offer recommendations for clean up and damage repairs, and will point out why we think your property seemed tempting to wildlife in the first place. We find that often, only simple preventative measures are needed to stop animals from moving in with you again.

Imperial will help you keep your business free of all types of rodents. Our programs and services are customized to meet your individual company needs, in order to ensure you are receiving the best service possible. If you are interested, or have any inquiries about our Rodent Control Program or our other services, feel free to give us a call today at (416) 744-0102.