Imperial Pest Control is a leading pest control company providing expert
services across Ontario since 2006


Imperial believes that chemical control should be limited, and only used as a last resort. this is why we use integrated pest management; a great preventative approach to pest control, Through the use of economical practices, it reduces reliance on pesticides, and therefore eliminates some of the risks associated with their use. IPM is the best long term solution to pest control,and also helps to protect the environment and human health.



Imperial Pest Control technicians are fully aware of the importance of the natural environment. The is not only limited to the outdoors, but also includes indoor areas where we live and work, We don't beleive in unnecessary use of pesticides that put our environment and wildlife at risk. Our specialists use pesticides safely and only when necessary to avoid impacting the environment.


We offer the strongest guarentees in the industry because our goal is 100% customer satistication. We focus on the things that matter the mos to our clients, Our effective pest management techniques are delivered by our best, highly trained professionals who have been privided with the most up to date tools and techniques.