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Ladybugs are harmless and very beneficial beetles to have in the garden since they eat scale insects, aphids, and other herbivorous pests that can devastate your plants. Even if the occasional ladybug invades your house, they won't do any real harm since they do not eat human foodstuffs, carpets or other furnishings.

However, when ladybugs begin to populate and grow in numbers inside your home, it can turn into an annoying problem. Ladybugs like to congregate, and if threatened, they release an alkaloid liquid toxin that can leave permanent, yellow pinprick stains on painted and other surfaces. There is also the issue of ladybug excrement and dead ladybug carcasses that have to be swept up on a daily basis. Some studies also suggest there may be a link between ladybug infestations and asthma and eye infections, which isn’t a good thing for vulnerable people like young children or elders.

Ladybug infestations have come to prominence in Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, York, Durham, and the rest of Ontario because of the introduction of an Asian species as a biological method of agricultural pest control. This orange colored Asian ladybug has come to displace our indigenous species, and has no natural predators – hence the population explosions we have been experiencing.

You probably find that your ladybug invasion begins at the end of the summer, when they enter through cracks in your siding, doorways and around window frames and gather in clusters inside to escape the onset of the cold season. They are attracted to white and light colored surfaces, and like to congregate on south facing and other warm walls where they flock along windowsills, in the corners of ceilings and around doorways.

As always, at Imperial Pest Control, we try to aim for prevention as well as control of pest infestation situations. If you notice large ladybug populations in your backyard or garden, we suggest you call us before the end of summer and we will carry out an inspection free-of-charge to identify ways you can prevent the ladybugs getting into your house in the first place.

If your ladybug infestation is already established, let us get rid of them quickly and efficiently for you before they start to defecate and die, so you can avoid having to repaint your walls or surfaces where they have caused damage.


Ladybugs are not poisonous to humans, however, they can be poisonous to small animals like birds and lizards. When in danger, they will usually play dead and release yellow “blood” from their legs, which smells terrible to deter any possible predators.

Ladybugs are mainly omnivorous, and will usually prey on other insects like aphids. Gardeners and farmers love ladybugs for this reason, as they help control pest population in fields and gardens.

There are several ways you can get rid of a ladybug infestation. One of the easiest ways is to vacuum them up, and once you’re done vacuuming, simply empty out the vacuum bag and put it outside in the trash. Other ways you can get rid of them is by using flea bombs, spraying mint oil, hanging dark-coloured drapes or curtains, spray vinegar in places where ladybugs like to hang out, and using Vicks menthol inside a humidifier.



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