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Ants may be small, but the damage they can cause to your home or business premises can be expensive to repair. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important that you eliminate any infestations as soon as you notice them.

Many different types of ants all have different physical characteristics and behaviours. It is important to correctly identify which species you are dealing with, so we can help you with the correct and most effective treatment.

One type of ant that causes lots of damage to property is the famous carpenter ant. These pests excavate wood in order to build their nests. They chew up tons of wood and turn it into fine sawdust that rots and provides compost for new growth. When in homes, they will usually tend to bury themselves in walls and other wooden structures in or around your property. When their numbers grow in one area, this causes lots of expensive damage to occur.

Meanwhile, some types of ants that tend to raid your kitchen for food are pharaoh or pavement ants. These ants will usually eat a variety of things, such as syrups, fruits, pies, meats, dead insects, and more. When cereal, bread, sweets, and other foodstuffs are left in the cupboard or on the counter, these tiny ants come looking for food and will raid anything they can get to. They are also commonly found in garbage cans and in sinks where dirty dishes may have piled up. These types of ants don’t typically cause damage to property - however, they contaminate food that they get to with bacteria that they have picked up from other places. The problem with these ants is that they don’t go away on their own. Once they find food in your home, they know there will be more. So they’ll keep coming back for more food, and bring more ants with them until it's to the point where your kitchen is overrun with ants.

If you spot ants in or around your property, you should call Imperial Pest Control right away. We offer free inspections of your property to assess the situation, and then we will give you advice on how we can help you solve your ant infestation from there using customized methods tailored to your specific needs.


The best way to avoid having an ant infestation in your kitchen is to make sure ants do not have access to any sort of food in your house. Storing food in the refrigerator is a great way to make sure ants cannot get to them. For food stored in cupboards, invest in plastic, reusable containers that have lids. Cereal can be stored in airtight, tall containers designed to hold similar food products. Bread can be stored in the fridge, or in airtight bread boxes. If ants can’t access food in your house, then they will venture elsewhere.

One thing you can use to kill ants is white vinegar. In equal parts, mix white vinegar and water together, and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution directly on ants to kill them. Another method is to combine 1 part borax to 3 parts powdered sugar. Leave this mixture out in areas where ants like to gather, like the kitchen counter or window sills. This is an effective solution to kill a colony of ants, as when ants eat the borax, it kills them. The worker ants will carry the mixture back to their queen, who will then eat it and die as well.

Ants will eat almost anything they can find. This includes fruit, vegetables, seeds, plants, leaves, and more. Some ant species are known to eat insects and sometimes their own kind.



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