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Sparrows are much more common in an industrial park or a city lawn, than in a forest. House sparrows are the most widely distributed birds on the planet. They are not actually sparrows, but old worm weaver finches; a family of birds noted for their ingenious nest-building abilities.

Their bodies are small, usually coloured brown to black with pale undersides. Their tails are noticeably shorter than their wings and bills, and their legs are also short and stubby.

They forage aggressively for food on the ground, hopping whenever they do not fly. Flight is direct, with continued wing-flapping and no gliding involved. Despite their small size, they will often threaten or attack other birds, and will inhabit a relatively small area in decently sized flocks. Sparrows are also big eagers. They favor a variety of seeds, supplemented occasionally by insects and bird feeders.

They have their offspring between February and May, and build their nests in building crevices and on or around nearby trees. They will usually lay up to 8 eggs, and their incubation period lasts as long as 2 weeks. Sparrows will fly around collecting food, and will feed their young through regurgitation.

There are several methods you can use to help control your sparrow population. Netting is the best method of reducing bird roosting, nesting, and feeding. It isn’t subject to bird acclimation, is economically feasible, and neighbours love nets compared to the other bird scaring methods. Spike strips and wires are also popular methods to prevent birds from roosting on ledges. These are relatively inexpensive and not difficult to install. However, if not properly located, will usually be useless.


First thing you need to do is remove their nest. Use a pole to move or knock their nest down. Usually the sparrows will find somewhere else to build their nest. Another way to drive sparrows off is to destroy their eggs if they have any by fertilizing them in their early days of being laid. Another way to get rid of sparrows is by placing a fake owl in the tree. Owls are natural predators of them, so they will head elsewhere. Finally, you could use a humane bird repellent on their nests to drive them away.

Sparrows are recognized by their very small, chunky bodies. They are very full in the chest, with a rounded body and a short tail, and a stout bill. They usually measure 15-17 cm in length. Males will usually be brightly coloured with gray heads, white cheeks, a black bib, and a roufus neck. Females on the other hand are a plain buffy brown with dingy gray-brown underparts.

Sparrows are well-known for their territorial behavior. They may attack birds, other nests, or even humans if they feel like something or someone is intruding onto their territory. They can also become fearful or aggressive when trapped or cornered, resulting in them attacking as they try to defend themselves.



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