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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are back - and they’ve brought their annoying, itchy bites with them. They are repopulating throughout the whole world, hitch-hiking on our luggage or clothing when we travel, or taking rides in buses and vehicles.

While thankfully bed bugs aren’t known to carry diseases, their bites are extremely irritating. They also could cause mental anguish as no one likes the thought of having to share their bed with bugs. If you’re not kept awake by the itching, then even just the idea of the bugs being present may cause you stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

Bed bug infestations can be difficult to deal with alone. They bury themselves in tiny crevices in your clothes, mattresses, and furniture, which is why they can usually be easily missed. They can go without eating for 20-400 days depending on temperature and humidity, which means it’s hard for them to starve to death. Bed bugs are also prolific breeders - a single female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, usually laying 2-5 eggs each day. Eggs hatch after an average of 10 days, and within one month of hatching, the newborn nymphs have transformed into an adult, ready to start feeding and reproducing.

Trying to find bed bugs and exterminate them can be a difficult task. They often leave behind reddish brown spots on mattresses, bedding, and they also tend to stain wooden furniture. They enjoy hiding in other nooks and crannies, usually close to their blood source, which means your bed is often a main target. All around beds need to be carefully inspected, including behind the headboard, in carpet corners, under the bed, in closets and clothing, and other fabric items that come in contact with the floor.

Hunting these bugs can take hours of vacuuming, washing, cleaning, sealing grooves, loose wallpaper, shaking out books, and other wood places where they might like to hide, and then you also have to find all of the eggs that have been laid. This cycle has to be repeated every two weeks for several months to be sure that all bed bugs and eggs are gone.

At Imperial Pest Control, we have the powerful cleaning equipment, flashlights, bug sprays, and persistence needed to tackle the problem, which is why you should leave all of the hard work up to us. We may have to come back repeatedly to control your bed bug problem, but our technicians will see it through until your homes and bedrooms are bed bug free again.


Bed bugs are wide, flat, wingless bugs that have a large body and small head. They have 6 legs, and are usually coloured white to brown. Right after feeding, these bugs will take on a rusty-red colour. They don’t usually grow larger than half a centimeter, and can usually be seen by the naked eye.

First, inspect your sheets and pillows for any dead or live bugs on them. A flashlight can be handy to spot them when searching. Then, take the sheets off your bed, and search your mattress for any signs of bugs. Pay close attention to the corners and in the mattress crevices, as they will usually hide there. Also check the floor around your bed, and on the edges of your bed’s box spring.

Since they are small, bed bugs usually don’t travel very far on their own. They rely on humans mainly for transport. These pesky creatures will usually come into the home on luggage, furniture, clothes, and more.

There are a variety of ways you can kill bed bugs. For one, you may want to consider non-chemical methods to exterminate them. One way is using heat. For clothes, sheets, pillows, and more, you put them in the dryer on high-heat for awhile. For mattresses and box springs, you can use a hairdryer on high heat. Cold treatments are also an option. Simply bag up clothes, sheets, or anything else, and stick it in the freezer at 0°F (-17.8°C) or lower for at least 4 days. To clean furniture and carpets, a steam cleaner set at 130°F will be effective in killing bed bugs.



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