Flies in businesses are a very serious problem especially when it comes to retail, restaurants, food processing industries, and hotels. Not only are flies an annoying nuisance, but they are a huge health concern. Flies land on anything – feces, dirt, meat, fruit – you name it. They carry around bacteria and diseases that they pick up, and then transfer that bacteria to whatever else they land on.

Three types of flies that are commonly found inside businesses are:

House fly – the most popular type of fly found in businesses. House flies tend to gather in dirty areas, often where garbage and other waste materials have been left to rot out in the open. Their bodies are grey, and they’re about 5-7 mm long. Female house flies produce around 600-1000 eggs in their lifespan, and the eggs usually hatch in 12-24 hours.

Drain fly – a type of fly often found in kitchens or bathrooms. They enjoy moist environments, and feed off of drain-build up and sewage. Drain flies are described as being 3-5 mm in size, and are often compared to moths. A female drain fly can lay anywhere from 200-300 eggs, and the eggs will usually hatch within 48 hours.

Fruit fly – 

these flies are very tiny. They are most commonly found in kitchens, or other areas where fresh food or garbage may be kept. These flies grow in large numbers, and mainly live in garbage bins, or will feast on fruit or vegetables left out. A female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, and these eggs turn into fully fledged adult fruit flies in only eight days.

Thankfully, Imperial Pest Control has effective solutions to help you fix any fly infestations your business may have. This includes commercial fly lights and fly traps. We also offer consultation services where we discuss with you about what steps your business should take to avoid attracting more flies in the future. If you have a fly problem, or would like further advice on how to deal with and prevent fly infestations, give Imperial Pest Control a call today at (416) 744-0102.