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Wildlife Control

At Imperial Pest Control we like to removewildlife from your home or commercial property and get it back where it belongs - in the wild!

We have developed effective, environmentally sound, affordable and humane methods to remove unwelcome wildlife invaders and relocate them back to their rightful ecosystems. Our techniques cause the minimum of stress and will not harm or injure the animals in any way. Nor do we have to use toxic chemicals or other poisons so your property remains safe and healthful for your family, friends and business employees.

Once your property is wildlife free, our technicians will close off all points of entry and carry out a 50-point damage inspection survey to highlight which areas need to be cleaned up and repaired. This plan includes inspection of insulation materials, vapour barriers and all areas that your wildlife visitor may have contaminated with nests, excrement, urine, residual food stores, egg shells or even animal carcasses.

We will offer recommendations for clean up and damage repairs and will point out why we think your premises proved so tempting to the wildlife invader in the first place. We have found that often only simple actions are needed to stop animals setting up home with you again.

Our wildlife removalmethods are effective for raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, geese, bats, groundhogs, opossums, snakes, foxes and rats, mice and other rodents.

Our trained, licensed and bonded technicians are proud of their sincere focus on environmentally friendly and humane wildlife containment, removal and prevention.

If you live in Oakville, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, York or anywhere else in the Durham region of Ontario and would like help with wildlife removal issues in any way, please call Imperial Pest Control on 416-837-1820.

Remember – our pest and other wildlife control surveys, advice and estimates are free!

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