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Sparrows are much more common in an industrial park, or a city lawn, than in a forest. House Sparrows are the most widely distributed birds on the planet. House Sparrows are not actually sparrows, but they are Old World Weaver Finches, a family of birds noted for their ingenious nest-building abilities.


  • English( scientific ) Name : - Passer domesticus
  • Sparrow is small & brown-black creatures have pale undersides.
  • Their Tails are noticeably shorter than wings & bills and legs are stubby.


  • They forage aggressively for food on the ground, hopping whenever they do not fly.
  • Flight is direct, with continued wing-flapping & no gliding.
  • They often threaten or attack other birds & they inhabit a relatively small area in modest-sized flocks.
  • They are eager eaters. They favor a variety of seeds, supplemented occasionally by insects & bird feeders.

Life Cycle

  • They have offspring between February & May.
  • They build their nests in building crevices & on and around nearby trees. Up to 8 eggs are found in the nest & incubation lasts as long as 2 weeks.
  • Males & females feed the young through regurgitation.


  • Netting is the best single method of reducing bird roosting, nesting & feeding. not subject to bird acclimation (i.e. they can't "get used to it") It is economically feasible over life of netting; best of all neighbours love nets compared to other bird scaring methods; There is significant cost outlay at first with on-going operating and maintenance costs.
  • Spike strips & wires are popular methods to prevent bird roosting on ledges. These are relatively inexpensive & not difficult to install but if not properly located they are useless.
  • House sparrows may be trapped & killed.

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