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Integrated Pest Management

The IPM is the preventative approach to pest control. IPM can reduce the reliance on pesticides and therefore reduce some of the risk associated with their use. The advantages of using IPM are that it can help to provide long- term solutions to pest problems. IPM helps to protect the environment and human health. Imperial believe that chemical control should be limited and use only as a last resort.

Green Pest Management

Imperial Pest Controls technicians are fully aware of the importance of natural environment. The environment is not limited to the outdoor only but also includes indoor areas where we live and work. To protect the environment Imperial Pest Control doesn’t believe in unnecessary use of pesticides. Imperial Pest Control technician make sure that they use pesticides safely and only when necessary to leave the minimum impact on the environment.

Certification & Achivement
National pest managements association member international

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"Imperial Pest Control is FANTASTIC! Finally, a genuinely professional company that resolved all of our rodent problems."
Steve Hillier

"Your company helped me with my pest problems, and you did a superb job ... you've got a customer for life!"
Christopher Singh
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Green Pest Management