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Cockroaches are another ubiquitous pest in homes and commercial properties in the Brampton, York, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Scarborough, and wider Durham region of Ontario and one which we are frequently called in to control, particularly in food production premises and restaurants.

Besides being an unsightly and disagreeable nuisance cockroaches can also be harbingers of disease and may also cause asthma and allergies in susceptible individuals.

They are probably the most successful and adaptable of all insect species and some claim may even be the only animal life form that could survive a nuclear war.

Cockroaches like to set up home in small crevices and cracks in floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms – in fact anywhere that affords them a dry, safe space in which to lay low during the daylight and wait for night to fall and feeding time to arrive.

They are omnivores and can feed off just about any scraps and crumbs of food stuffs that humans eat as well as many other sources that are more distasteful to us, including toothpaste and glue.

Cockroaches are most active at night and you will usually only see them during the day when the population is swelling out of control and they need to compete for available food supplies. However, when forced they can survive for up to a month or so on just water alone.

They are generally brought into homes and commercial properties in contaminated boxes and other infested containers and once in a cockroach friendly environment will quickly settle in and multiply.

Female cockroaches lay 1cm long, yellowish-brown egg capsules which they may carry around for up to two days before 30-40 pale, wingless nymphs hatch out. Nymphs develop to adult hood in anything from two to seven months, depending on warmth, humidity, available food conditions, etc.

Imperial Pest Control expert technicians know that controlling cockroach infestations involves exterminating both the adults and the nymphs before they have time to mature and reproduce. We are confident that our traps, baits and other mechanical means can effectively control and contain your cockroach infestation without the need for toxic chemical pesticide sprays that may affect the health of your family, pets, employees and clients.

For more information about our cockroach control and prevention methods or to learn how Imperial Pest Control can assist with other pest and wildlifeinfestations and removal services in the York, Toronto, Markham, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough and wider Durham region of Ontariocall us today on 416-837-1820.

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