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Mice Control

Imperial Pest Control has extensive experience controlling the mice infestations that usually occur in homes in the Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, York, Toronto, Markham, and the Durham region of Ontario at the onset of the cool fall season.

We are also expert in controlling and preventing mice invasions in and around commercial properties including restaurants, groceries, motels, hotels, food production plants and anywhere else where accumulated food wastes and garbage collection may prove attractive to mice and other pests.

We know that our clients in the food and related commercial industries do not want to rely on heavy applications of toxic pesticides which could affect the health of their customers and employees. For this reason, where possible, we use indirect suppression measures, baits, traps and other techniques custom adapted to your particular situation and needs to ensure that we eliminate all offending pests from in and around your premises – and that they remain pest-free.

Mice may seem less offensive than rats but they are just as destructive, equally loaded with fleas, ticks and diseases and equally prolific breeders.

Mice are nocturnal and so your first signs of a mouse infestation may be when you hear scratching or gnawing sounds coming from your attic or basement at night. They usually sleep away the daylight hours and if you see a mouse running around in the daytime it probably means that their numbers are getting out of control, food supplies are scarce and you need to take action quickly before you are over-run.

Our Imperial Pest Controlvermin experts are experienced in searching out the locations where mice like to set up home. As part of our integrated pest management plans we will carry out a free-of-charge inspection of your property to identify where mice might be getting in and recommend ways to eliminate these entrances so that they never return.

Our integrated pest management plans will also help to identify and eliminate the source of unpleasant odors that may be attracting mice to your garbage areas, compacting and recycling rooms or elsewhere where trash (and therefore pests) tends to accumulate.

Why not let our vermin control experts at Imperial Pest Controlexterminate your mice before they destroy your home or commercial premises?

For fast, professional and environmentally responsible residential and commercialpest control services in Markham, Brampton, Scarborough, York, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and the wider Durham region of Ontario, call Imperial Pest Control today on 416-837-1820.

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