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Ladybugs are actually harmless and very beneficial beetles to have in the garden since they eat scale insects, aphids, and other herbivorous pests that can devastate your plants. Even if the occasional ladybug invades your house they won't do any real harm since they do not eat human foodstuffs or carpets or other furnishings.

However, sometimes the sheer numbers of ladybugs that get inside your home can be a problem in itself. Ladybugs like to congregate and if threatened and when they die, release analkaloid liquid toxin that can leave permanent yellow pinprick stains on painted and other surfaces. There is also the issue of ladybug excrement and dead ladybug carcasses that have to be swept up on a daily basis. And some studies suggest there may be a link between ladybug infestations and asthma and eye infections.

Ladybug infestations have come to prominence in Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, York and the Durham region of Ontario in recent years because of the introduction of an Asian species as a biological method of agricultural pest control. This orange coloured Asian ladybug has come to displace our indigenous species and has no natural predators – hence the population explosions we have been experiencing.

You probably find that your ladybug invasion begins at the end of the summer when theyenter through cracks in your siding, doorways and around window frames and gather in clusters inside to escape the onset of the cold season. They are attracted to white and light coloured surfaces and like to congregate on south facing and other warm wallswhere they flock along windowsills, in the corners of ceilings and around door ways.

As always, at Imperial Pest Control we try to aim for prevention as well as control of pest infestation situations. If you notice large ladybug populations in your back yard or garden we suggest you call us before the end of summer and we will carry out an inspection free-of-charge to identify ways in which you can prevent the ladybugs getting into your house in the first place.

If your ladybug infestation is already established, let us get rid of them quickly and efficiently for you before they start to defecate and die and before you have to repaint your wooden surfaces.

For more information on our ladybug infestation prevention and control programmes call Imperial Pest Control on 416-837-1820 today. Our experienced technicians are available to help all residents in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, York, Toronto, Markham, and the Durham region of Ontario.

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