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Bird Control

Birds are beautiful and help with pest control by eating mosquitos and other insects and grubs, but at times their presence and numbers need to be controlled or they can do more harm than good.

We've all seen the unsightly mess that bird droppings can create on sidewalks, park benches and other surfaces. Besides detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your property, bird excrement is full of disease-causing bacteria and bird urine can corrode metal surfaces and so damage your property.

Birds are also a nuisance when they congregate in large numbers. Their nests can block air vents and gutters and even be a fire hazard, and the ticks, fleas, lice and other ectoparasites that birds carry can infest your home or business property and make you sick. Pigeons in particular are considered as bad a health hazard as rats. And uncontrolled woodpeckers can cause extensive damage to shingles as well as making that very annoying repetitive hammering noise!

Imperial's professional bird control technicians will be able to relieve your initial bird infestation by trapping and relocating birds and then will focus on eliminating or impeding the roosting areas where birds like to congregate so as to discourage them from returning in the future.

We will clean up areas that have been contaminated by bird infestations, removing all traces of nests, egg shells, carcasses, excrement and urine. We will also deodorize and disinfect the area and replace vapour barriers and insulation where necessary.

Once the birds and their damage have been controlled, we use netting, bird spikes, deterrent roosting gels, eco-friendly food adulterators to make their food sources unpalatable, sonic and ultra-sonic, visual scare devices and other effective methods to keep birds away for good.

Many of these deterrents have to be attached at high vantage points which is why when dealing with bird infestations, it is often wise to call in the professionals.

Our teams at Imperial Pest Control have extensive experience controlling unwelcome bird populations all over Scarborough, Oakville, Brampton, York, Markham, Mississauga, Toronto and elsewhere throughout the Durham region of Ontario.

Call Imperial today on 416-837-1820 for free bird, pest and other wildlife control surveys, free advice, free estimates and your senior discount.

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