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There are several types of beetlethat, if left uncontrolled, can cause serious damage to homes and commercial properties in Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, York, Oakville, Brampton and other towns in the Durham region of Ontario.

Wood boring species such as the death watch beetle have larvae that like nothing better than to eat though wooden beams and timber, particularly in older residences built with untreated sapwood timber.

The first sign of a wood boring beetle infestation may be the 1-1.5 mm exit hole and fine wood dust that the mature larvae leaves behind when it exits its food source as a fully formed adult beetle. It will spend the rest of its life searching for a mate and reproducing. Supermarket pesticides will kill the adult beetle but will not affect the larvae which can remain hidden eating away at the wood from the inside out for several years.

Carpet beetles feed on pollen as adults but their larvae will readily eat their way through furniture, clothing, carpets, other natural fibers and many types of animal products including leather, hair, feathers, wool, silk, dead insects, dried meat and dried plant material.

Adult females generally lay their eggs in undisturbed, dark areas such as under baseboards, in closets, under furniture, in air ducts and in abandoned bird and insect nests. Once the larvae hatch they feed on any organic materials they can find and can cause extensive damage if not controlled. They can be particularly problematic in kitchen cupboards and pantries if you do not regularly rotate your groceries.

The best way to prevent and control beetle infestations is through vacuum cleaning on a regular basis, dry cleaning and airing rugs and other fabrics outside, and removing old bird and insect nests. Naphthalene balls make a very effective deterrent and scent and pheromone traps and freezing may help to control adult beetles.

However, to control serious infestations of any type of beetle it is wisest to call in the experts at Imperial Pest Control. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians are trained in the handling of the toxic insecticides that are needed to get rid of beetles at the larvae stage, as well as in discovering likely beetle egg laying areas.

If your home or business is in Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, York, Oakville, Brampton or any other town in the Durham region of Ontario and you think you may have any type of beetle infestation, please call Imperial Pest Control on 416-837-1820 today.

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