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Ants may be small but the damage they can cause to your home or business premises could prove extensive and costly to repair unless you control the invasion as soon as you notice their presence.

There are many different types of ants and all have different physical, characteristics and behaviours. It is important to correctly identify which species is bothering you so that we can take the correct and most effective actions needed to get the problem to go away.

If you spot flying ants in or around your property you should call us right away. They could be swarming termites looking for new areas in which to nest - which could spell disaster for your residential or commercial premises if they decide to set up home with you. With all termite infestations it is important to take all the necessary measures right away to eliminate the colony before it can get established. We will also inspect your property closely to find out if it harbours the original colony which will also need to be exterminated if the termite problem is to be effectively controlled.

Distinguishing between other species of ants is not always easy unless you have wide experience in dealing with ant issues. The one thing that all ants have in common is that their colonies may number thousands and they either tend to set up home in extensive networks of underground chambers and tunnels, or live above ground in mounds of dirt or ant hills.

Ant life cycle from making love then becoming an adult worker and then a winged adult

You may first become aware of your ant infestation when you see dozens of the little critters carrying their tiny white eggs to a new nest. DO NOT DISTURB THEM!You may be tempted to spray them with supermarket bought pesticide spray at this point, though in fact this is one of the worst things you could do. Store-bought pesticides might control the ants above ground, but it will do nothing to affect the thousands more burying away deep underground and you will just make them dig in and look for less obvious new nesting sights elsewhere in your property.

The best way to get rid of ants is to call in Imperial Pest Control experts who know just how and where to set up effective and tamper-proof poison baits which the ants take back to the nest and so the colony dies from within. This method is slow but thorough and if you have positively identified the original colony is one sure way to eliminate all ants, including the satellite groups.

Ant baits are toxic and so are best applied by professional pest control experts who know how to place them to tempt the ant but out of danger for you, your family, pets and employees.

If we can help in anyway to control and exterminate your ant invasion, please call Imperial Pest Control on 416-837-1820 today. Imperial Pest Control has been helping Scarborough, Toronto, York, Mississauga, Markham, Oakville, Brampton, and other residents in the Durham region of Ontarioexterminate their ant invaders since 2006.

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